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Love Is Either In Your Heart, Or On Its Way

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I was just listening to this song while reading in my room and these words somehow managed to squeeze themselves into my thoughts. Like a revelation, I suddenly realised that my window is open, that the sun is shining weakly into my eyes and that the irritable sound coming from outside is the chirping of little birdies… and that all this combined with the first few freckles that have sprouted on my nose means that very, very soon, the good majority of us will be getting twitterpated.

Of course, not all of us will be lucky enough to be struck by twitterpation: despite being ‘out there’ looking our best, actively looking under rocks and plants and seeking with an open mind, and even accepting to settle for something not quite twitterpatious (never a good idea), some of us just end up not being as twitterpated as we would like to be. What to do in a case like this? I’ve resolved the problem for myself a few years ago when I was madly in love with a fellow who didn’t deserve it in the least (read: he didn’t madly love me back, the callous twerp.) Anyway, I indulged in being sad and frustrated for a few months, until I figured out that my problem was my heart – overflowing with feelings, ready to burst and immerse the object of its desire in a tsunami of love. Except that the said object had no interest in said love-tsunami, and I had no outlet for my excess of sentiment. So I took all my love, and directed it elsewhere, in smaller portions: towards my friends, my family, my schoolwork and my hobbies, even strangers in the supermarket and random people on the bus. And you know what? It worked quite to my satisfaction. I was happy.

This goes to say that you don’t have to be in love in order to give love and experience love (please don’t just narrow it all down to sex here). You can love your job, and get a kick out of the sunny weather, and love a fantastic meal with your friends – all it takes is to be aware of what you love. You don’t have to forgo love just because you feel you don’t have anyone ‘special’ to give it to. There are many people, things, out there that are special enough.


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