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“For Justice, We Must Go On Our Knees To Don Corleone”

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Finally. My palpitating heart is about to burst from my chest and bounce excitedly all over the globe like a skipping stone on water.

I have never seen The Godfather. Yet, as opposed to other classic movies that never made it into my musical- and romantic-comedy packed viewing schedule, Francis Coppola’s legendary film has slowly but surely been working its way towards the centre of my to-watch radar. And along with it, Mario Puzo’s breakthrough novel has been scrambling over the heads of historians, sociologists, poets and scientists to reach the top of my reading list. Before the shot, comes the prayer.

On Friday, Don Corleone’s hit-men rounded in on their victim. I am now in the firm grip of a paperback gangster, my excited heart pleading mercy with 500 pages. Wish me buon viaggio.


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