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It’s Okay To Change Your Course

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Sailboat Kite

“Becoming a foreign correspondent was my passion and all I wanted to do… until I didn’t.”

I smiled with recognition when I read the words of an old friend in a recent catch-up e-

mail. Though lacking relevant memories of my own, I understood exactly what R. meant. It’s through the winds of change that we find our true direction. Oftentimes, we realise that the on

e thing we thought we wanted, the one thing we dedicated our lives to and fought to the bone for – was probably a lesson on the irrelevance of human determination pitted against the infinite possibilities of chance. And because I know that the hardest thing in the world is adm

itting it to yourself, I would like to say this: it’s okay; it’s okay to wake up and find that your dreams are not your dreams; it’s okay to see that what you wanted before is not what you want now; it’s okay to change your course in whichever direction your heart wants to run towards. And in

 case you’re curious how the abovementioned e-mail continued, here it is.

“So here I am in LA, playing the ‘director of photography’ in a low budget movie.”

Not that bad for a change of course, what?

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