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Book Bites: Julia Child’s Kitchen Wisdom, by Julia Child

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Speaking of cookbooks, I recently spent about a week reading Julia Child’s Kitchen Wisdom (penned by none other than the unique Julia Child), savouring several morsels at a time for a couple of minutes before bed.

It’s an extraordinary cookbook, and I’m so thankful that I found it on my friend’s sister’s bookshelf while enjoying her family’s unparalleled hospitality a couple of months ago. Upon looking into it, I knew instantaneously that it would be a keeper, and before long I retrieved my very own copy from the mailbox and snuggled up with my nose in the crisp folds of its pages.

It was the first cookbook that I’d ever read back-to-back. From the first word of the introduction to the post scriptum on biscuits. I even read bits out loud to my companion, adopting (what I knew was) a superb Julia Child tone of voice and style of diction. I always found it charming how people’s voices come through in their writing, and Ms. Child certainly glows from every line of her work, starting with descriptions of ‘authoritative sauce[s]‘ and ending with instructions to ‘just enrobe the [salad] leaves’ with dressing. And what helpful descriptions they are, too! Nowadays, whenever I’m dressing a salad, I always think: ‘just enrobe the leaves’…

If you’d like to purchase the book for yourself, know that it best serves the more or less established cook. It’s a useful compilation of basic master recipes and their variations, as well as some elementary cooking techniques and skills. I especially appreciated a comprehensive chart listing the various ways to cook different vegetables, as well as a number of classic recipes that are useful to have on hand. This is not a cookbook that will provide you with inspiration for quick and easy dinners; however, if you’re looking for a decent (excellent, in fact) pâte brisée recipe, want to know how to remedy a separated hollandaise, or keep a reference of the best way to cook broccoli, this little book should not be missing on your kitchen shelf.

Thank you, Cam and Sally! And bon appétit to all!


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