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Spinach, Lentil, and Feta Salad

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The tricky thing about posting recipes is that you have to find the time to take pictures. (Because, really, who wants recipes without pictures?) That’s not always easy, especially if you want your pictures to look appetising, and I marvel how many bloggers can take delectable photos not only of the results of their cooking, but also of the preparation process! Personally, I find myself lacking natural light or enough time to snap anything that would look publicly presentable.

The picture below is an exception. Because I was actually making lunch, I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to set everything up and play around with arrangements before the food got cold, so I played it by ear: I ladled everything into bowls, set them on the kitchen counter along with the silverware, and snapped a couple of shots literally seconds before my companion raked into the food with his fork. I think it was meant to be, because this recipe is too good not to be shared!

I invented this salad a couple of nights ago, drawing inspiration from Naturally Ellaand Smitten Kitchen. The version you see below has some bear’s garlic fresh from the market added in. You can eat it hot or cold, on its own or as a side dish, and I think it would be a hit at any early spring picnic!

Hearty Spinach, Lentil, and Feta Salad

Ready in 15 minutes, serves 2.


olive oil
2 cups cooked lentils (or 1 cup dry lentils)
bunch of fresh spinach
1/2 large onion, white or red
100g feta cheese
salt and pepper to taste


If you already have cooked lentils on hand, this salad will take almost no time to prepare. If you’re starting with dry lentils, first cook them until they’re tender, and account for an extra 30 minutes – 1 hour of preparation time.

Once you’ve got your cooked lentils, heat some olive oil in a large pan and toss in the spinach (if you’re using bear’s garlic, add it at this point, too), stir it around until it wilts (no more than a couple of minutes) and add the lentils. Heat everything through thoroughly, add salt and pepper to taste, then take off the heat. If serving hot, ladle into bowls straight away. Top with finely chopped onion and crumbled feta cheese. Enjoy with some crunchy garlic bread for extra substance.

Bon appétit!


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