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I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! (Or rather, a very important blog post.) Fellow blogger Sally from Sally Cooks recently posted about her love of travel, her trip to Australia with her hot-out-of-the oven fiancé, and her travel essentials needed to survive a 20-hour flight. Although I responded to her query for suggestions in a spontaneous comment, the subject really merits an entire blog post! (Especially when you can combine good advice with a pretty Polyvore set.)

Before I begin, I must establish that I love – LOVE – flying. I’ve been criss-crossing the world in aeroplanes since I was a toddler and taken my share of long flights as an adult. No matter how groggy and swollen I feel after one, I’m always ready to hop back on a plane and do it all over again. I’ve taken flying down to knowing what my favourite airline is, what my favourite aircraft is, where my favourite seat is, and even what my favourite layover airport is.

Furthermore, I’m probably the only person in the world to enoy in-flight food (Those cute and practical packages! Those lovely mini-rolls! Not to mention processed tomato juice galore.)  and have actually been known to choose an air carrier based solely on their menu. (Need a clue? Check out this website.) Airports to me are like a freshwater pool to a goldfish. And my joy at taking off and landing is akin to that of a kid in a bumper car.

So, what are my air travel essentials? Bring on the Polyvore set! (As one of my coworkers said: it’s like the plague. Consuming!)

Plane Essentials

Plane clothes don’t have to be plain clothes!

Here’s the thing: when you’re going to be sitting in a plane for countless hours, you want to make sure you’re comfortable, and comfortable underwear is key. (So many people underestimate the importance of adequate underwear!)  For me, that means no underwires and no synthetic materials. Next, you’ll want to wear something that allows you to move around in your seat. (I don’t know about you, but after a certain amount of time I always come to the conclusion that the most comfortable position is to sit with my feet tucked behind my ears.) Fortunately, leggings are all the rage now, so no one will think you’ve forgotten some essential piece of your wardrobe if you wear those. Paired with a loose-fitting top that’s just long enough to cover the bottom, you’ll be fittingly attired.

It’s good to keep in mind that you’re very likely going to be cold. While in-flight blankets will usually take care of the body, the extremities might suffer! That’s why I always pack a pair of thick, warm socks to keep my toes from turning into sad icicles.

Long flights cause dehydration, which is why it’s a good idea to bring your own bottle of water. Have the flight attendants refill it for you when you’re on board, and save yourself the effort of begging for a few drops in a miniature plastic cup every half hour! Remember to keep your skin hydrated, too. I love to have a tube of L’Occitane‘s verbena hand lotion with me during flights, as it’s both hydrating and refreshing. The familiar smell also reinvigorates and soothes my senses.

I don’t like to haul tonnes of things with me on board, which is why I usually dispense with carry-on luggage and just bring one spacious tote bearing only my travel essentials, as well as plenty of snacks for those times when I can’t wait for dinner. Granola bars and dried fruit are my staple, but Sarah Britton of My New Roots has taken in-flight snacks to a whole new level. (Mango-cashew sunshine bites? Yes, please!) Prepare your own nibbles and upgrade your economy menu to a maharaja feast!

Finally, after you’ll have caught up on all the sleep you’ve missed packing for your trip, seen all the movies you’ve been craving to watch and laughed out loud to the nth rerun of Friends, you’ll need to keep yourself entertained. While I use my time on planes to finally getting around to reading all of my magazines, my most memorable travel read was Helen Fielding’s Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination. Outrageously imaginative, laugh-out-loud funny and heartwarmingly witty, this book will take you on an adventure all on its own.

Phew! And what about you? Got any travel tips to share? Write them up before the summer holiday season kicks in!


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