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Homemade Olive Tapenade

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It’s a story not uncommon in the kitchens of those who like to eat and cook: for years, we’d be treating ourselves to a special store-bought luxury, dishing out unpardonable amounts of money at the local delicatessen and never giving a second thought to whether and how it could be replicated at home. (Because surely, such divine flavours require more than a handful of fresh ingredients and a primitive mashing device!) And then, one day, we try – just as a joke with ourselves, not really expecting to succeed, even trying to prove to ourselves that it can’t be done – and we taste… and the world does a backflip.

This, for me, is the story of homemade tapenade, a treat which I boldly ventured to make at home about a week ago; an event that promptly changed my life. It actually made me a little cross, to think that fate hadn’t revealed to me earlier just how simple, how easy, how quick it was to make at home and how incomparably more good it tasted next to even the most exquisite tapenade from the most chic delicatessen in the heart of Paris. Make it at home, smear it on top of anything that needs a little sprucing up, experiment by adding herbs and spices, but most importantly, forget that you ever heard of store-bought tapenade.

Fluffy Omelette With Goat Cheese And Olive Tapenade

Take 1 cup of any kind of olives, pitted and drained (even a mix is fine), add 2 tbsp drained capers1 clove garlic, a squeeze of lemon juice and a splash of olive oil. Blend everything together, adding more olive oil to achieve desired consistency. You now have your home-made tapenade. Shazam! Next, whisk together 4 eggs with ½ cup cream, adding salt and pepper. Pour onto a cube of melted butter in a hot pan and make a fluffy, airy omelette. When it’s ready, crumble some fresh goat cheese on top, smear tapenade over that, and sprinkle it all with some fresh oregano.

Serve with lightly toasted rustic bread and a side of green salad dressed simply with olive oil and lemon juice. Store any left-over tapenade in a jar in the fridge for up to a week, even though it’ll probably be gone long before than.

What are the things that you always make at home instead of buying? Some of mine are pesto, hummus, tartar sauce, guacamole, and all kinds of salad dressing. This summer, I’m planning to upgrade to making my own mustard, ketchup and different kinds of salsa (pico de gallo, ranchera, brava, etc.).


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