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What Would You Be Like If You Were Of The Opposite Sex?

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Funny question, isn’t it? You may have seen this video, which went somewhat viral about a month ago, and which confirms that Dustin Hoffman is the greatest sweetie in the world. (As a matter of fact, you may want to watch it before you continue reading.)

Whether because I was touched by Mr. Hoffman’s words, or because I really, really love Tootsie (I find it a little sad that so many great articles and movies about emancipated women and female empowerment were produced entirely by men), I decided to give some serious thought to what Mr. Hoffman suggested at the end of his video. Namely, what I would be like were I not a woman, but a man. It led to some very interesting intellectual meanderings and, ultimately, brought me around to thinking about why I’m a woman in the first place, with great results!

I won’t burden (or influence) you here with an account of my own winding reflections (after all, they’re of no consequence but for me), but I’ll wholeheartedly recommend trying it out yourself. Through this reverse psychology, I’ve confirmed and strengthened my former musings about who I am (and who I want to be) and what my life priorities are. It’s fascinating, really, how reverse psychology can help you appreciate that which you take for granted.

Of course, I had to watch Tootsie again as a reward for my hard work, and I have to say that, with Mr. Hoffman’s commentary, it became a movie even more enjoyable and meaningful than it has ever been before.

I think owe Mr. Hoffman a big thank you, and I think I’ll also add a hug for good measure.


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