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Let’s Go To The Movies, Let’s Go See The Stars

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When the weather outside is frightful, one of the wisest things to do is to make yourself comfortable in some flannel, cup your hands around a mug of something warm and sweet, and put on an old movie. Something in black and white, perhaps, with plenty of impressive dancing and witty, innocent jokes told by men in high-waisted trousers to women with impeccable platinum curls.

But what would be a good movie to watch? And what if you feel more like a screwball comedy? Or a haunting thriller! How do you know which movie is well worth your time, and which is better left to the throes of cinematic oblivion?Well, dear friends, I might just have the answer for you: there’s a new blog in town, and it’s dedicated entirely to classic Hollywood movies. Think reviews, background stories, interesting titbits and explanations of things you didn’t even know were relevant.

The blog’s title is The Blonde At The Film, and it’s the work of my lovely friend Cameron, whom I’ve already mentioned on this blog in relation to her impressive achievement in literary research. Cam is a charming writer, who delivers reviews of cheesy screwball comedies and sugary love stories with the perfect blend of professional detachment, cheeky humour, and genuine passion. She’s introduced me to a number of wonderful old movies and brought a new perspective to my favourite classics.

Following Cam’s recommendation, I’ve watched (and loved) The Harvey Girls (Judy Garland, decked out in a huge white apron and bow, holding two guns), Daddy Long Legs (need I say more than Leslie Caron and Fred Astaire?), and Cover Girl (Gene Kelly is pretty good at playing pissy, indeed!). I’m looking forward to watching Gaslight (the eerie picture that coined the term gaslighting), The Awful Truth (because it looks like the perfect mix of cynical and romantic, plus it stars Cary Grant!), and Hit The Deck (because I have yet to see a movie starring Esther Williams!). But you can also brush up on your knowledge on some movies you may have already seen! What do you think you know about Roman Holiday, or Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, eh? Pop over to Cam’s blog and check out her archives! (Or visit some of Cam’s older work on her sister’s excellent culinary blog right here.)

Happy reading/watching!


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