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Two Weeks Later

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I wake up, dazzled by the glow of his yellow hair in the morning sun. I kiss his lips and snuggle into him luxuriously. He groans pleasurably, still half asleep, and his arm wraps more tightly around me, binding me closer to him.

We doze for a while. We’ve nowhere else to be.

After a lifetime in his arms, a brief memory makes me giggle.

“Hmm?” He inquires.

I wonder whether I should share. I prop myself on my elbow and look at him squarely. He opens his eyes.

“Remember… when we first met? How I told you that I really liked you, but that there was absolutely no chemistry between us, and that we should remain friends?”

“Yeah.” He smiles knowingly. He closes his eyes again and wraps his other arm around me, turning on his side to face me.

“Yep.” I say, smiling sheepishly to myself.

We kiss. And then we make love.

Retrospectively Funny


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