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How To Make A Home In 5 Things (Or More)


First. Put a frying pan in the kitchen. One that has seen many stir-fry suppers and pancake breakfasts and has grown so attached to your cooking that it has gone from non-stick to decidedly stick.

Second. Scoop up a collection of bookmarks. Those gathered like wild flowers in dusty bookshops and airy museums around the world. Reminders of travels and keepers of stories.

Third. Enliven the windowsill with a seed. The one that you once spat out and placed in a random pot for safekeeping and that sprouted and stretched and turned into a full-blown plant sporting a miniature burst of deep green foliage.

Fourth. Pick up the laundry. Burrow your nose into the jumble of fresh sheets and delicates. Fold it and place it into the ‘to-be-ironed’ basket. Out of sight, for now.

Fifth. Put on a song. The one that you always crave when you stumble in through the front door, kick off your shoes, and sink into your favourite armchair.

Close your eyes. Exhale. You’re home.

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