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Timepiece, by Grace C.

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I will be your
7 a.m. sleepy kisses
8 a.m. French toast
9 a.m. rushed goodbyes
10 a.m. love calls
11 a.m. daydreams
12 p.m. lunch notes
1 p.m. new e-mail
2 p.m. coffee break texts
3 p.m. reminiscent thoughts
4 p.m. longing
5 p.m. drained love
6 p.m. post-work hugs
7 p.m. dinner companion
8 p.m. wine bottle
9 p.m. tango
10 p.m. readying for bed
11 p.m. bedtime stories
12 a.m. Midnight Sonata
1 a.m. confessions
2 a.m. heavy snores
3 a.m. morning sex
4 a.m. driftless sleep
5 a.m. frenzied fantasies
6 a.m. rapturous sleep
I will be your


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