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How to Research and Plan the Perfect Holiday

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I‘m so bad at this because I get really anxious and stressed over prices and what to do and how to find the right thing, as though there is a “right” thing! I rationally know that there are many wonderful ways to experience a place, but I get in this mindset of only one way and iI mess it up with the “wrong” flight or hotel or restaurant all will be ruined!

You are so good at researching and planning trips – how do you do it? For instance, I want to go to Norway, but I have no idea where to start.

I received this immensely flattering email from my friend C. some time ago, and the subject matter got me so excited I could hardly think about anything else for the next couple of weeks. The funny thing is I don’t really travel that often, but despite (or perhaps because of?) that, I always seem to enjoy myself greatly when I do. And because I also love giving advice and have always dreamed of having a good excuse to make one of those cute workbooks that the internet is littered with, I made my friend (and you lovely people) a really cute workbook that you can download for completely free below.

This workbook is for you: if you identify with what C. says in her email above. It will help you figure out where you want to go, for how long, with whom, and what kind of experiences would make you most happy. (Because, as C. says quite correctly above, there aren’t any right or wrong things!) It’ll get you started on researching and planning your next holiday while giving you the freedom to go into as little or as much detail as you’re comforatble with.

This workbook is not for you: if you’re trying to save up for a holiday (while the workbook does address matters of the budget, it doesn’t give any monetary advice) or if you’re looking for specific travel tips, such as where to stay, what to see, and where to eat in specific locations (however the workbook does provide you with the tools for finding these places for yourself based on your own preferences).

The most important element of enjoying anything is knowing what you want (and what you don’t want) and what makes you happy (and unhappy), and a very important part of that (particularly while travellign) is how we spend our money. I highly recommend you take a shot at Sarah Von Bargen’s – of Yes and Yes fame – More Money, More Happy Bootcamp (it’s completely free and it’s revolutionised so many people’s spending habits already, including mine), which will help you further fine-tune your travel experiences.

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Are you ready to take off? Get the workbook by clicking on the link below!

How to Research & Plan the Perfect Holiday (PDF, 7 MB)


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